Sunrise Agrifarm is leading supplier of Greenhouse Tunnels in South Africa and the Sub-Sahara. Your greenhouse garden can be constructed cheaply or expensively, it can be made of 40% shade netting or 200 micron plastic, it can look like an adorable glass cottage or simply serve a practical purpose. Ultimately, the decision to get a greenhouse will be based on whether you believe the effect of having a greenhouse will be one that will enhance your life or detract from it. If you would like more information about greenhouse designs.

Whatever your crop and climate requirements, we will create an undercover growing structure to meet your needs. Designed to the highest local and international standards, our extensive range of structures is always evolving. Our team of engineers and agronomists are here to provide you with the most advanced undercover growing solutions available today. Sunrise Agri Farm offers a wide range of greenhouse structures, suitable for a diverse range of climate conditions. All our structures are custom-designed and developed to suit specific requirements.